Our Guarantee

Credit Score Lawyers, PLLC guarantees its work. You have no risk when doing business with us.

Here is our iron clad GUARANTEE:

While it is really impossible to guarantee specific results (like…’we will increase your score by 100 points or more’), Credit Score Lawyers, PLLC guarantees we will have inaccurate information deleted from your credit reports which will increase your credit scores within 6 months or less or we return the money you paid us to repair your credit. It’s pretty simple. We know what we’re doing….we know what it takes to improve your credit scores. Some clients will see improved scores within 30-45 days; some will have attained the scores they want and need within 90-120 days; and some can take as long as 6-9 months to achieve the scores they want….BUT we guarantee we will increase your scores within 6 months of continuous representation of you.

Here’s what you must NOT DO in order to have our guarantee:

You cannot be late on any more payments.
You can’t get sued by a creditor.
You can’t have new judgment entered against you.
You can’t file for bankruptcy.
You can’t apply for new credit.

Why? because any of the above can decrease your scores and negatively impact the work we are doing on your behalf.

Once we get your credit to where you need it to be, we will advise you on how to establish new credit, how to borrow sensibly, and how to stay out of credit trouble.

For those very are occasions when we fail to product the results we Guarantee, we will refund every penny of what you paid us to repair your credit.

The Lawyers at Credit Score Lawyers, PLLC