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Credit Score Lawyers, PLLC is a new entity but it’s made up of experienced lawyers….who have been in the credit repair and consumer law business for more than 25 years. After decades of handling credit repair and consumer law matters locally, we decided to grow our business and scale it nationwide. The need is there, almost half of America has less than stellar credit. In addition, there is always room for a good, ethical, legal, experienced, dedicated player in the credit repair space. There are thousands of supposed “credit repair gurus” and companies out there, many of who are clueless, part time opportunists with no real experience or expertise in the credit repair world. When customers of these credit repair companies don’t get the results they were promised or that they wanted, they come to us….why not avoid the time, money, and aggravation and choose us first? We know what we’re doing. We get results. Big time.
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Credit Score Lawyers, PLLC

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